A space for art

Wow! I spent five days in the town of Elko with 40 other artists as we installed murals all over the downtown of this quaint Nevada town.

I painted the image I have called "we camped where the car stopped”. My friend snapped this photo when we were camping on the Black Rock playa many years ago. It still represents my favorite things in Nevada and I felt it was fitting for my first mural. The colorful image shows the orb of a campfire illuminating two friends under a magical night sky. An older man walked by and told me he was ready to go get his own bacon and beans and join them——this indicated I had succeeded in sharing the warm feeling I intended!

MURALS ARE FUN! It took me three days to get the mural to its final state — which included sun, rain, conversation and reflection. Many of the artists (me included) were installing their first mural, while some were true professionals. The portrait of 11 Basque members of the Elko community took my breath away as it graces a multiple story building on River Street….and it is in amazing company.

I am humbled and honored to have participated in the Elko Mural Expo—-and I’d like to sign up again!