I'll see you and raise you a few clouds

Fall Arts Festival came and went and it came with a force this year!

The abundance of artists, art enthusiasts and art collectors cruising the boardwalks of Jackson, Wyoming, changes this action-packed, peak-bagging community for the first two weeks of September. For these two weeks—it is all about looking!

I found great conversation and amazing connection to the wild world around me within the walls of the National Museum of Wildlife Art’s Western Visions Show & Sale, but it was on the Town Square that I found action. I participated in the Fall Arts Festival Quick Draw for the 3rd time. (I sadly missed last year as I was officiating Owen and Rebecca’s wedding)

THIS WAS THE CRAZIEST THREE HOURS OF MY LIFE! I painted for 90 minutes — I had a plan and it went well. People walked by, they stopped by, and they added incredible encouragement and support. This event allows artists to give a quick introduction with a microphone in front of the large crowd of bidders. I painted an image of a white barn that Aaron Cordell Johnson had repeatedly sent my way—each time he had passed it for the last 4 years. The bidding started and it just kept going! Serendipitously, I stood next to Aaron as I received the highest recognition, enthusiasm and price for a painting so far in my life.

…and then I went to a wedding.