A space for art

Wow! I spent five days in the town of Elko with 40 other artists as we installed murals all over the downtown of this quaint Nevada town.

I painted the image I have called "we camped where the car stopped”. My friend snapped this photo when we were camping on the Black Rock playa many years ago. It still represents my favorite things in Nevada and I felt it was fitting for my first mural. The colorful image shows the orb of a campfire illuminating two friends under a magical night sky. An older man walked by and told me he was ready to go get his own bacon and beans and join them——this indicated I had succeeded in sharing the warm feeling I intended!

MURALS ARE FUN! It took me three days to get the mural to its final state — which included sun, rain, conversation and reflection. Many of the artists (me included) were installing their first mural, while some were true professionals. The portrait of 11 Basque members of the Elko community took my breath away as it graces a multiple story building on River Street….and it is in amazing company.

I am humbled and honored to have participated in the Elko Mural Expo—-and I’d like to sign up again!

I'll see you and raise you a few clouds

Fall Arts Festival came and went and it came with a force this year!

The abundance of artists, art enthusiasts and art collectors cruising the boardwalks of Jackson, Wyoming, changes this action-packed, peak-bagging community for the first two weeks of September. For these two weeks—it is all about looking!

I found great conversation and amazing connection to the wild world around me within the walls of the National Museum of Wildlife Art’s Western Visions Show & Sale, but it was on the Town Square that I found action. I participated in the Fall Arts Festival Quick Draw for the 3rd time. (I sadly missed last year as I was officiating Owen and Rebecca’s wedding)

THIS WAS THE CRAZIEST THREE HOURS OF MY LIFE! I painted for 90 minutes — I had a plan and it went well. People walked by, they stopped by, and they added incredible encouragement and support. This event allows artists to give a quick introduction with a microphone in front of the large crowd of bidders. I painted an image of a white barn that Aaron Cordell Johnson had repeatedly sent my way—each time he had passed it for the last 4 years. The bidding started and it just kept going! Serendipitously, I stood next to Aaron as I received the highest recognition, enthusiasm and price for a painting so far in my life.

…and then I went to a wedding.

Never a Dull Moment

After the startling pace of Teton summers is set in July, August follows nicely with just a bit more focus and ease. The month of August is generally one of my favorites. As a hustling artist, this year this claim has some extra clout.

I entered three paintings into the Driggs Plein Air event along with 70 other artists, and on the second day of this month, two of my paintings were chosen by jurors John Poon and Scott Christensen. This event first brought me to the region 8 years ago--I was hooked and with tears in my eyes and ultimate cheer in my heart, I won this year. I received Best of Show and Honorable Mention at this year's Driggs Plein Air event in Teton Valley. Hanging out with the amazing artwork in the National Museum of Wildlife Art (especially Carl Rungius) pays off!

Close on the heels of this accomplishment, the Cottage Journal published an article in their fall issue highlighting my artistic intention and merit. I am humbled and utterly stoked for the path ahead.

Today at noon, I speak about my involvement in St. John's Rocking Sage Living Center. I painted two rocking chairs that sit outside Persephone Bakery for the summer until their auction on September 19.

Tonight, Jan Benz invited me to paint and chat during the Museums' Paintbox society event she is generously hosting at her home. I have a plan! Stay tuned!

On September 14 a handful of the artists from this community and beyond will paint on the Jackson Hole Town Square for the Fall Arts Festival Quick Draw, come see them and me in action!

Teton Mudpot Sidewalk Sale

June 20-21

Glenwood Side of the Center for the Arts

Jackson, Wyoming

It is always one of my favorite moments of the summer. Plein Air fest at the National Museum of Wildlife just happened and now it is time to hustle some pottery. This year I have been working on the lightest, simplest cups I can make with straight walls. I also have a variety of strange shapes and ventures.

I look forward to joining many of my favorite people and setting up a table under the tent outside the Art Association. This raises funds for both me and the amazing mission of the Art Association of Jackson Hole’s studios.


The winter was blustery and transitions were abundant.

I got a puppy. Gertie. She’s perfect.

I saw a job posted in the local newspaper I had to apply. I got the job. I am now the Programs and Events Assistant at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. I am learning so much!

I moved my studio into a room in my home. It is smaller, but the heater works and my easel is nicer.

May they be upgrades or just transitions, life is cooking along and the summer air is welcome. Here we go!

Escalante Canyons Plein Air Fest

Sept 22 - Oct 1, 2018

This was my 5th year competing in this event.

The landscape is utterly stunning and equally challenging. I submitted both an oil painting and a watercolor painting. My watercolor painting was awarded an Honorable mention.

This year was one for the books!


I got first place! I painted a little painting the first day and it was my favorite and faired well in the beautiful group of paintings submitted in the event! :)

July 28 - August 4 in Driggs, Idaho 

Based out of the Driggs community center, the Driggs plein air happens! This will be my sixth year participating in this event.  This event is very near and dear to me as it was the first week I spent in the Tetons as and artist and solidified the deal that this would be where my career after graduate school would carry on.

It is so challenging and refreshing to chug through days on days of plein air painting with varying weather, events, and inspiration.  I am so looking forward to this!


June 21-22 at the Art Association of Jackson Hole

I make pottery too!

This year I focused on throwing a group of large salad bowls and mugs.  My glazes were simple.  I used a satin black and white along with a warm creamy white on most things.  I used a darker clay body and played with some unique shapes for some of my mugs then glazed them with an intergalactic purple.  The sale was a great success!  Please contact me for any pottery inquiries as inventory is consistently changing!


National Museum of Wildlife Art

June 16, 2018 7am-noon

Every year the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming hosts a group of accomplished artists to come and create a piece of artwork in a format where the public gets to walk along and witness the process and meet the people behind the images.  This is my sixth year participating and I am so pleased to be part of it!


May 27 - June 26, 2018

It is so exciting to work toward something, have it come together and see the final product.  This series of paintings will hang in the Center for the Arts in Jackson Wyoming until June 26 at 240 s Glenwood Street.  The opening cultivated wonderful conversation and so many smiling faces.  I am very pleased.  I will post images of the available work when the show comes down.

ABOUT: This series joins the aesthetic capabilities found in instant photography and oil paint to hit pause and dwell in a moment.  The simplicity and charm of the snapshot photo informs the color choices, design and texture of my paint. Each painting celebrates spending time in an instant collected from my life as a resident of Jackson Hole.